A card for every occasion


I’m not quite sure why I left the house on Saturday, amidst the rain, hail and blustery winds, but I did. And somehow I found my way to Kids in Berlin in North Melbourne and spotted these cool Mingus cards – they spoke to me in strange, line-based ways. It was equally nice to discover that Mingus is a Melbourne one-woman brand… sometimes I spend so much time reading, looking at and hearing about interesting stuff happening overseas that I momentarily forget that there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on here, too. Yes, that’s right, northern-hemisphere cynics, things do happen in the antipodes apart from roo shooting and toilets flushing ‘backwards’ (it’s not backwards anyway. It’s the right way). Now where was I?



Ah, yes – Mingus. Although I didn’t see these purses in store on Saturday, further investigation of Mingus’ Etsy page revealed these beautiful screen-printed organic cotton and hemp purses. I have absolutely no need for another tiny purse but damn, I could probably think of something I could use it for. How lovely are they?

:: Arwen ::


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One response to “A card for every occasion

  1. Devon

    Those purses are darling but i’m right there with you, no need for another one.

    Her stuff is nice but mainly I’m elated by her obvious taste for good music (aka mingus.)

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