Rabbits and rocks


When I was away last weekend I went to the local beach to check on the rabbit rock. I’ve been visiting the beach regularly all my life, and depending on the tide, the rabbit rock can look like a nondescript boulder, or – as here – remarkably like a bunny. Or is it just me? Anyway, this is just a prolonged segue into my admiration for Mayuko Sase, a Japanese artist who I’m tenuously linking to by posting one of her drawings with rabbits below.


I’ve been delighting in illustration of late, and I really like Mayuko’s disaffected, gorgeous girls who pout their way through a series of poses, looking vaguely smug and very retro. You just know they’d be a pain in the arse to know but damn, they look fabulous. About three or four years ago, Mayuko drew men as much as women, but recently they have made remarkably infrequent appearances in her work. Maybe she’s been reading The Female Eunuch.




I love this one in particular – not really for the girl, who reminds me strangely of a Quentin Blake illustration (there’s something of the grotesque there), but for the sentiment conveyed in such starry tones. Maybe I should get this made into a flyer that I can hand out on the streets of Fitzroy to the coolsies on fixed-gear bicycles who wear all black, never have lights on their bike and are too cool to wear a helmet. I know, I know: I’m an authority-loving dork who always wears her helmet en velo.

:: Arwen ::


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