I love a good project


I’ve been busy all weekend making postcards for the Postcard Projekt 2008. It’s been so long since I had the time or motivation to sit down and get busy with my scissors, glue, textas and imagination – I had a huge amount of fun making postcards to send to recipients around the world. All those scraps of paper, free postcards, business cards, buttons, stickers, craft items and wrapping paper I’ve been collecting over the years finally came into good use. I knew they’d all be handy one day. Below are some of my favourite postcards from last year’s project. I’ll wait before I post some from this year… every day the mail brings fresh delights.

coffee-matt img_4516


:: Arwen ::



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3 responses to “I love a good project

  1. matt

    i got your pcard~ i LOVE the seagull with the big orange beak!!
    mine are all made, the hard part is getting my butt to the p.o. and licking the stamps…
    coming soon!

  2. The seagull came from the $2 shop in Camberwell, where I source much of my crafty stuff.

    I got all the postcards done in one hit and then a couple of days later, through a concerted effort of will, posted them all cos I knew if I didn’t do it quickly I’d put it off.

    No licking stamps, though… we in Australia have the technological sticker-stamp thing goin’ on… no need for licking cos it’s already sticky.

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