Tracing steps…


My chaperone into this great blog is the ‘Cat with the firefly lantern‘, who – with golden ears and dexterous tail – was also my guide through the latest exhibition of work by Jennifer Martin, at e.g.etal downstairs. Jennifer Martin is a jeweller and story-teller, with an ever-changing repertoire of themes, materials and techniques. Each medium is used in turn to inspire the others – to the heights of felt-stuffed clouds, or the depths of cut-paper waves – or simply around the way, for a spot of imaginary conversation. Her work is always funny and exquisite, and I can’t think of a much better first-time recommendation than, ‘Taking the air with Master Basho and Maestro Ravel’


* * *

… The unfortunate postscript to this review is an admission that the official exhibition has ended (I’m sorry!) – technical difficulties meant that my post went from being last-minute to almost all too late. I say ‘almost’ because I snuck back to the gallery/shop yesterday and found reasons to persevere: not only are selected pieces from ‘Taking the air…’ still on display and others available for viewing from a behind-the-scenes ‘drawer’, there is a cabinet-full of different Jennifer Martin works – just as clever, just as beautiful and – hell, who really needs convincing? It’s e.g.etal! Take a wander to 167 Flinders Lane.

:: Lee ::


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