A weekend of play


A brief hiatus from Melbourne and from OWL over the weekend sees me feeling refreshed and very slightly tanned (a trip to the beach never goes astray). I took Play Pen on holiday with me as a visual break from book after book of tightly leaded text. Reading this kind of book also allows me to indulge my not-so-secret love of kids’ books while pretending to be an adult.  Subtitled ‘new children’s book illustration’, Play Pen is sort of a best-of of children’s illustration in the last couple of years. Why bother trawling through the children’s section of the bookstore when you can find a whole swag of good illustrators in one hit here? (Doesn’t stop me from trawling the children’s section in a slightly suspicious fashion.)


Of course Shaun Tan is in Play Pen, and while I really like his work, everyone else does too – or at least I read about it everywhere. On the other hand, I hadn’t ever heard of Toby Morison or Marc Boutavant but really like their work – particularly Marc Boutavant (above). It’s like reading fairy floss combined with Richard Scarry. In French.


If anyone has a book to recommend to fuel to my thing for children’s illustration, I’d love to hear it. In the meantime I’m wondering if Lilly Piri will ever do a kids’ book?

:: Arwen ::


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  1. Hi Toby,
    I’m an illustrator from Taiwan. I bought this book and found your illustrations really inspiring. I love your color and your style. It make me feel really relax and cheerful by looking it. so I google your name and find your blog. I wonder if I can post some of your images in my blog to introduce your work to people in Taiwan? I love the little Louis. it really bring me smile while watch it.so charming:)

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