Peas in a pod

I was browsing through my favourites on Etsy and stumbled across the pea pod necklace that I blogged about a while back. It sparked off one of those chain reactions of thoughts in my brain and I remembered another few pea pods I’d seen recently. In fact, I’ve found a positive gaggle of pods. Or maybe a parliament of pods. Whatever. The pin cushion above comes to us courtesy of Dottyral (who makes lots of other pincushions as well) whereas the smiling peas below come from Yummy Pancake (who makes a mean crochet plushie – I think my favourite is the popsicle… or maybe the strawberry cheesecake).


I’m warming to my theme here, am I not? You could store all your pea pod-related items in this handy tote bag from Monkeeboo. And last but not least, Australian company Lark do a cute crochet pod rattle (below) for the small people in your life (or for yourself – everyone needs a good rattle sometimes), as well as a whole bunch of other vegetable bits and pieces. Failing all this, you could just head to the supermarket and buy the real deal (and they’re in season now, too).

:: Arwen ::


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  1. Simon T.

    Phew, for a split second, I thought you were going to talk about the maternity fashion label… πŸ™‚

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