On patrol

I remember being a bit shocked when I first went to Tokyo, because there was very little graffiti. (Of course I was a bit shocked for various other reasons, too… like trucks that tell you they’re turning left, toilets that shoot hot water into strange places and the inexplicable desire of many Japanese people to talk about their diarrhea in casual conversation.)

Cue awkward segue to Melbourne, where there is a lot of graffiti and stencil art. From that scene the artist Ghostpatrol came forth, with an illustrative style that I really like – although in typical fashion I only recently stumbled on his work. Ghostpatrol’s carved pencil scenes are some of his more recent pieces: vaguely reminiscent of Yoshitomo Nara with a dash of Shaun Tan, each little pencil scene feels eerily spotlit in the blonde wood of the stripped-back pencils. There’s something a little bit creepy about some of them. (Cue delicious shiver.)
Above: Hostage, Throat Cut

Above: A Book is Good
Below: Zelda Cooks Marshmallow for Owl Youngling

I note that Ghostpatrol is currently exhibiting with Miso at Metro 5 Gallery in Armadale (come on, northsiders, it’s not as far away as you think) until November 9. They’ve put together a book, which is tantalisingly undisplayed on the Metro 5 website. Perhaps you just imagine it. Or more likely, a wander through some of the amazing photo sets on Ghostpatrol’s Flickr page or on Miso’s website will give you an idea of what delights the book’s pages/exhibition may hold. And Tai Snaith has written the foreword. Are you sold, or what?

:: Arwen ::


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