The culture of background noise

Melbourne’s ‘post rock pioneers’, Because of Ghosts, kicked off a national album tour last night at the East Brunswick Club – the band’s first gig in a year, and their first with a string trio on stage. I’m firmly partisan when it comes to Because of Ghosts, since we go way back (well, to uni) and I like the music, but aside from all that I’ve always liked the band’s cover designs. The last album was sewn together by long-suffering friends and family, but the newie, The Culture of Background Noise, is a stitch-free zone. The band took the album colour scheme to a recent photo shoot, too, as you can see below. Look at them all in black with their cool spectacles.

To hear the album go to the band’s MySpace page – I’m not even going to try describing the music. I have enough difficulty describing the weather, let alone the differences between post rock, post punk, post modernism, post colonial and postman.

:: Arwen ::


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