Fluttering in the breeze

Thanks to Kate for pointing me in the direction of Paper n’ Stitch, a new(ish?) site that calls itself an online exhibition space, and which is curated monthly. What a bloody good idea. As anyone who has been on Etsy recently will testify, there’s a whole lotta crap out there – so how do we find the good stuff? Paper n’ Stitch presents a manageable selection of ‘good stuff’ in a nice, easy-to-use site. It’s less exhausting than browsing through Etsy’s thousands of amateurish creations in search of gold and more grassrootsy than reading magazines for inspiration. My first find on Paper n’ Stitch was Royal Buffet, who created the delights you see above and below. The mobiles are made from vintage French record sleeves and magazines – trop mignon. Put them above your little one’s crib and you’ll have a polyglot in no time.

Royal Buffet on Etsy

:: Arwen ::



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3 responses to “Fluttering in the breeze

  1. Thanks for the pointer to this site and this work. A top find. Thank goodness for classy bloggers like you who know where to look.

  2. thanks so much for your kind words about royal buffet!

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