The fun of brocante

Although I own a distinctly unglamorous set of spice containers (Ikea, $2 a pop), I have a bit of a thing for nice spice containers. And crockery. And teapots. People with these kinds of fetishes head to Izzi and Popo in South Melbourne, or, failing that, they head to the excellent website to browse through pages of covetable ‘European brocante’. All of the stuff is sourced from Belgium (and surrounding countries) and is priced accordingly, although some things are really quite reasonable. The spice rack above is not cheap, at $600, but strangely appealing nonetheless. For some reason I imagine it working in an ultra-modern minimalist white apartment. In fact, I think I like all European brocante in ultra-modern minimalist apartments – I’m not a fan of the ye olde country cottage look.

Above: Dry goods containers, $290. Adorable, n’est-ce pas? What would you do if you couldn’t remember the French words? Endlessly lift the lids to check whether you’d picked up the pasta or the flour, I guess.

Above: Villeroy and Boch coffee cup and filter in my favourite shade of lemon yellow, $85.
Below: Freakishly cool teapot, $65.

And last but not least, Villeroy and Boch deer plate, $125. Now we know where Charles Anderson of Pop Ink got his inspiration…

(The modern-day deer plates may still be available at Little Salon in Melbourne.)

Izzi and Popo
258 Ferrars St
South Melbourne VIC

:: Arwen ::


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