The Craft Exchange

We’re in the midst of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and while Kate is spending every single night out at a show, I’ve been to one. Yup, one. Last Thursday I went to the Craft Exchange Salon Finale in a suitably scungy Northcote warehouse to see works by local artists and to witness the product of the craft exchange. What is this craft exchange? It’s one of those very now-now ideas where group A (in this case, Safari Team), sends persons B–Z (a whole bunch of Melbourne creative types) some crafty bits in the mail. Said persons then transform the crafty bits and send the finished product to group A to exhibit. Although the email invite promised that “the finale will be a colossal party of strangers all connected through the post”, I think I either left too early or arrived too late, cos I didn’t see no party.

Apart from the Craft Exchange, which covered a large wall with everyone’s crafty bits and pieces (highlights included knitted eyeballs, some collages incorporating very bad French and a plaster thumb), there were works on display from the ubiquitous Tai Snaith, the Suitcase Royale, Rachel Feery & Lisa Stewart, Kirsty Hulm, Carl Scrase and Safari Team, Sydney artists Soda_Jerk, and Canadian group the Discriminating Gentlemen’s Club. Props to Kirsty Hulm’s Russian meat extravaganza.

:: Arwen ::


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