Flowers, dogs, what more could you want?

Someone asked me last week if there are any magazines worth reading at the moment. I was momentarily stumped. I don’t read any Australian magazines regularly – for lots of reasons – but I subscribe for a stupidly expensive amount of money to So-En, a Japanese monthly that is full of things I wish I could either make, own or wear. I pore over my monthly issue for days, skimming over the kanji I don’t know to make garbled sense of the words, but mostly just devouring the pics. Musubi is one of my favourite contributors. For thirteen years she was the creative director and buyer for an interiors shop before going freelance as a creator. She’s an art director-slash-stylist who can’t get enough of flowers – which suits me perfectly, since I can’t get enough of them either.

(Musubi is Japanese, after all – you knew there had to be an obligatory cute shot of a designer dog.)

(And this one reminds me of those creepy Anne Geddes baby photos… but I still like it.)

So-En is available at Kanga Kanga! Exciting times, people. Well, for me.

:: Arwen ::



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4 responses to “Flowers, dogs, what more could you want?

  1. oh, i too buy so-en! i live in perth, so i subscribe over the snail mail via kinokuniya in sydney.

    i’m quite fond of eattrip myself, and miss the days when ichikawa mikako had a regular double page spread.

  2. She does have a DPS in the latest one! – which arrived excitingly in the mail last night. Nice to find a fellow So-Enner. Is there room for a magazine like this in the Australian market, do you think?

    I never thought about subscribing through Kinokuniya… I subscribe through a Japanese website called:

  3. it would be nice to have a magazine which solely focused on creative art and fashion. hmmm…

    i started subscribing through kino before cdjapan offered the subscription. kino is fine for one mag, but if you throw in a bi-monthly like spoon, the delivery kinda goes out of whack while they wait for the 2nd mag to arrive. sounds like you do get the new issue before me though!

  4. I don’t think I know of Spoon. I just found the Japanese website and it looks cool. Kanga Kanga, here I come.

    Love the photo of the guy doing a bit of tachiyomi on your website, Rachel!

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