Postcard from Japan

Manabu, I love you. Just when I was feeling creatively uninspired, my good friend in Tokyo introduced me to some of his favourite artists. It took me all of 1.5 seconds to fall in love with Saeko Takagi’s work, which is mostly acrylic on canvas with a few other media chucked in for good measure. Manabu first came across Takagi because she co-created the imagery for the song Lightning by UA, a strange and fascinating Japanese singer I first encountered by watching children’s television in Tokyo. Not only did interesting musicians appear on Japanese kids’ TV but the Japanese was easy. It certainly beat watching the news, which generally consisted of 20 minutes covering tedious domestic political scandals, 10 minutes covering scary sex crimes, complete with requisite grainy footage, and then 10 minutes of advertorial under the guise of ‘educating’ people on new products in the market. Riiiight.

Saeko Takagi’s website

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2 responses to “Postcard from Japan

  1. Devon

    I love the paintings of the trees! So fun and full of life…

    By the way, I’m moving back to Japan next year, Tokyo actually!

  2. Aaaargh… I’m jealous (or, in Jinglish, “I am jealousy”). Damn, I miss that place. But your moving there just gives me another reason to visit more regularly!

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