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This weekend’s Object of Desire: Herding Kites, a new anthology of Australian writing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the National Young Writers’ Festival. Contributors include the big names (Shaun Tan, Max Barry, Nick Earls, Linda Jaivin) and the locally known (Mandy Ord, Tai Snaith) as well as the completely unknown – perhaps the most exciting of the lot. The whole thing’s edited – or anthologised – by Michael Williams, RRR breakfaster and general book man about town, spotted enjoying a coffee at one of OWL’s favourite haunts. Oh, and we forgot to mention that the covetable design comes to us courtesy of Marc Martin of Small and Quiet, who has been a busy designer of late. Herding Kites is $27.95 and presumably available at bookstores, although I’m guessing it probably won’t be at your local A&R. (What you’ll find instead is a large and somewhat terrifying machine that makes out-of-print books… )

:: Arwen ::


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