The stories places tell

The ridiculously well-stocked Metropolis bookshop in Curtin House played host to launch of A Place Tells A Story on Thursday night last week, and a good time was had by all. Or at least by me. The crowd was trendy but not too trendy, which was nice – everyone was there to check out the book, talk to friends and enjoy themselves rather than pose. Three glasses of wine on an empty stomach later, I had successfully purchased the book, managed to find a quiet place in which to tuck my shopping bag full of celery and spinach (‘It’s the latest hot accessory… everyone’s carrying celery these days’) and had a chat to lots of interesting people. The book contributors and publishers were floating around the room enjoying the fruits of their labour, and there were a few other quiet movers and shakers in the Melbourne independent-artsy-design-talented-people scene, musicians in various indie and post-rock bands, illustrators, owners of various local boutiques and lots of writers.

A Place Tells A Story is divinely produced, with a brown wrapping paper-esque belly band over a nice hardback cover; inside is a mix of poetry, non-fiction, comic, illustration, photocollage and even audio, with a CD tucked discreetly in the back. For a full list of the contributors check out the And Collective website. And where can you find the book? If you’ve got $50 and are having difficulty deciding betwen the Futurama box set and all three seasons of Deadwood, put both on hold til next month and get thee to Metropolis, where you can buy this instead.

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “The stories places tell

  1. It looks very interesting. I’ll have to take a better peek at their blog.

  2. Simon T

    This book is better than the Futurama box set *and* Deadwood?! High praise indeed. 🙂

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