Room envy

I’m the kind of person who is prone to room envy. You can get it flipping through home interiors magazines, you can get it looking at beautiful blogs, you can get it striving, driving, or working a plough. As a matter of fact I’ve got it now – or at least had a serious case of room envy (not a sudden thirst for VB) when I saw Tai Snaith’s gorgeously adorned studio in the Nicholas Building. Yes, you may have noticed that we mention Tai on a regular basis, but one of us is seriously llama-addicted (currently seeking treatment). Tai’s corner of studio 11, level 4 is festooned with artwork and colourful pretty things – you could stand there for five minutes and still not quite take it all in.

My only regret is that I didn’t snap the lovely Ms Snaith herself, who was resplendent in a yellow 50s-style skirt and ballet flats and spent most of the open-studio evening chatting tirelessly with well-wishers and curious folks. A few more photos of the studio and the evening can be seen on our Flickr page.

Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

:: Arwen ::


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