Storytelling at Metropolis

Come one, come all, this Thursday to the launch of A Place Tells a Story, a book that features so many of O.W.L.’s favourite people, like Kyle de Kuijer of Five Boroughs, Mandy Ord of Rooftops notoriety (with a few pages in the new, nicer-looking Meanjin) and Meg Mundell, a woman who knows how to wield a pen and isn’t afraid to use it (with a little non-fiction piece in the first issue of Harvest). To cap it off, the whole thing is produced by Marc Martin (as well as Justine Ellis and Dan Rule), whose designs we love – everything from the cover for issue one of Harvest to his own illustrations.

The And Collective website explains the book’s aims better than I could hope to, especially given that I haven’t read the damn thing yet. See you at Metropolis this Thursday for further enlightenment.

:: Arwen ::


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