The teacup that keeps on giving

Many thanks to Matt in Brisbane for his dedicated Etsy-hunting, which turned up this little gem. Oh the pollybillities has set out to turn the unwanted teacups in our lives into wee bird baths or bird feeders, depending on what service you’d like to provide for your avian visitors. I live in a first-floor flat that sees as many avian visitors as Chernobyl (not helped by the fluffy presence of Bitchcakes, the block’s resident bird-mauler and toxoplasmosis transmitter), but I’d consider hanging these inside as decorations… they might even make a good place to store one’s keys and loose change. Or is that just crazy talk? The creator suggests using them in the bathroom to hold your make-up, or in the kitchen to hold sponges.

I note that there are no shipping costs listed on etsy for Australia, but you could always email and ask. Or make your own… ?

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “The teacup that keeps on giving

  1. My pleasure. This is why I love the internet… it brings together like-minded teacup-loving people.

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