Keep a cool head

And we’re back on Level 4, Studio 11 of the Nicholas Building, where Jasmina Krupic has her studio. Various others have discovered her before me (here and here too) but what the hell, I’m on the bandwagon. Her jewellery, a delicate combination of tiny enamelled cups, reminds me of objects from space and tea parties all at once (which is surely a good thing). Jasmina herself is a friendly person with a cool haircut and a calm demeanour – as I was chatting to her in the studio, a somewhat bulky middle-aged person caught her voluminous handbag on the drawer (below) and trashed Jasmina’s display. Jasmina took it in her stride, sincerely reassured the woman that everything was fine, and calmly picked up her scattered jewellery to put the display back together. I wish I could say I would’ve reacted the same way…  (I could almost feel my t-shirt ripping as I began to transform into the Hulk, to hurl said middle-aged person across the room. Nah. Only kidding.)

Above: Studio 11, Level 4 of the Nicholas Building.
: Wall sticker in the Nicholas Building.

Jasmina Krupic jewellery
Available at Black Finch, Ambiguous Horse and Craft Victoria
Or from Studio 11, Level 4
Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

:: Arwen ::


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