Flatland, OK?

Flatland is a place where things are, well, flat. I wandered into this 2D world in the Nicholas Building last Thursday night and met Tim Fleming, aka ‘The Founder’ of Flatland OK, from whose fertile mind flows a range of objects to adorn your home. Tim’s designs fit into my favourite niche of interior design – the Object That Sits (OTS). Whether on window sills, mantels, lintels or other shelf-like nooks that end in ‘el’, the OTS serves no purpose other than to delight, amuse and titillate, while bedecking our houses and offices.

Above and below: The Flatland OK studio in the Nicholas Building.

As you can see from the photos above, ‘The Founder’ has been pretty busy producing a huge number of objects for our home display surfaces. When I walked into the studio I had one of those sudden moments of infantile delight, on a par with a five-year-old walking into Suga for the first time. I was temporarily overwhelmed with colour and pretty things that I wanted-wanted-wanted. (But they’re not too pretty – you won’t have to hide them when your macho friends come over.)

In browsing the Flatland site I found myself snickering quietly over some of the item descriptions, which certainly beat reading the Ikea catalogue. The above object, for example, (Fire, @ A$110) is described thus: ‘go about your daily business while the fires of damnation burn endlessly on your bedside table.’ Nice.

Flatland OK
Studio 16, Level 7
Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000

:: Arwen ::


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