Totally hooked

A recent visit to Ikea solved my necklace dilemma (and no, said dilemma was not keeping me awake at night, I like to save my sleepless nights for larger problems). My necklaces continually tangled together in a large jumbly heap on top of my dresser, and in my mad rush to leave the house each morning I never had the time to disentangle the one I wanted. But look! I now have a necklace hangy thingy! The handy hook device is available at Ikea for $4.99.

I’m not the only person to have necklace issues. Bluelines blog, now defunct, ran a post on necklace displays, illustrated by this example above. And a Martha Stewart article online has a few other solutions to the problem as well – it’s just a pity that they are all kind of ugly, particularly that gross quasi Greco-Roman head thing… what were they thinking?!

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2 responses to “Totally hooked

  1. I think that looks great and I really like that cicada wing pendant and the bird on a twig. Are they by the same jeweller? They’re great. Nice pieces.

  2. Thanks Katie!
    The cicada wing pendant was from Alice Euphemia a long time ago – the designer is a woman from Queensland who may not make these necklaces anymore, but Alice Euphemia would know.

    The bird necklace is a Love design, by Geneine Honey, whose wonderful bike I featured here:

    The love website is:, but you can buy the bird necklaces at Little Salon in Melbourne (

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