Of Art Deco and op shops

Inspired as I was by the Art Deco exhibition, I’ve been on the lookout for other examples of Art Deco architecture. Here’s one in downtown Rosebud – the Rosebud Hotel, aka the local, built in 1939–1940. All the blokes in stubbies going into the pub for a midday pot thought I was a little odd taking photos of the outside and glanced at me askance from under their Oakleys. Or perhaps it was just because I was as the only person within a 50-metre radius not wearing shorts and a fluorescent utility shirt.

No trip to Rosebud would be complete without a visit to the op shops. This time I found a couple of Bessemer gems – a mustard-coloured butter keeper and a lemon-yellow milk jug – not to mention a set of four Kondo cups and saucers in pleasing pastel shades. Now all I need is a tea party.

But secretly I lust for things like this Wedgwood pink polka dot cup and saucer set (below left)… it’s £21.28 online, or about AUD46 (and you can get it in Australia at Minimax but get ready to pull out your credit card… it’s around AUD90 in store). What would I do with such an object? Break it, probably.

Or this gorgeous Paragon yellow flower cup and saucer (above right)… on eBay with a starting bid of US$22.99 – the auction ends soon. It’s probably too good to use, but you could spend hours gazing at it in pleasure instead – it may well be better than TV. Now that’s money well spent.

Rosebud Hotel
1099 Point Nepean Road
Rosebud VIC

:: Arwen ::


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One response to “Of Art Deco and op shops

  1. I love that butter keeper & jug! I must come and visit this magical Rosebud place sometime… and I’ll bring my fluorescent vest so we can have a beer at the pub.


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