Dreams on Wheels

I’m not a bike fetishist. I admire the grit of cycle commuters and occasionally dream of myself jauntily riding along in a stripey top, skirt and boots on my way to the markets to buy fresh flowers, croissants, coffee and the paper (such is my life in this daydream), but I’ve never been one to ooh and ahh over saddle contours, handlebar details or the sparkle of a newly-minted frame. Until now.

Last night on my way through Fed Square I came across the Dreams on Wheels exhibition, which showcases some very nice classic bike designs as well as some pointed information about what makes a city bike-friendly or not. I hope the City of Melbourne is taking notes, as my dream now involves me rolling along on a Velorbis Victoria Classic – with a basket, of course. Why are baskets so denigrated in the cycling world? Clearly I would need somewhere to put the croissants.

… and never let it be said that bicycle manufactures don’t have a sense of humour.

Dreams on Wheels exhibition in the Atrium at Fed Square
Until Tuesday 19th August

:: Kate ::



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