The fabled tote

Oh, internet! It took a post on a US blog for me to re-find this lovely bag:

Linen tote bag by Fable, US$35 on Etsy

I first saw it at the Moth & Friends/Penthouse Mouse* stall at the recent Design Market at Fed Square, but was so distracted by a prussian blue Mercurialist** bag (which I deliberated over for way too long, the whole time knowing I would buy it anyway) that I didn’t get any details. Thank you, design*sponge, for being more in touch with local designers than I am – I now know that this gorgeous screenprinted linen tote is by Fable Designs, aka textile designer Sarah O’Sullivan, and is (likely) available from shops like Kids in Berlin and Curious Eidolon.

It’s a little bit folk-art patterns and a little bit NY skyline too, don’t you think?

Fable Designs (and on Etsy)

:: Kate ::

*If Penthouse Mouse stirs images of a raunchy marsupial, blink again and check out the site – it’s a kind of collective of fashion designers and artists who are doing interesting, lovely and exciting things.

** Mercurialist at Penthouse Mouse


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