Ye olde Melbourne

I have taken to storing a lot of unwanted stuff at my parents’ place. Specifically, in my brother’s old wardrobe. Nobody seems to have noticed yet. I rock up for dinner once a week, sneak into his old bedroom and tuck a few slightly-worn-out-but-too-good-to-throw-out clothes into the ever-growing pile in the wardrobe. Then I come back out discreetly and gorge myself on the goodness of my parents’ pantry. While surreptitiously stuffing some clothes into said wardrobe, I found this wonderful old set of postcards of Melbourne. Here are a few of the shots from an older, infinitely more Technicolour world.

Albert Park, Melbourne

St Kilda Beach pre-junkies.

The mighty Yarra

Princes’ Bridge, where Southgate is now. What a pity they got rid of the grass and replaced it with Coogee jumper shops and a food court.

:: Arwen ::


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  1. That’s a Melbourne I’d like to visit – Playing Beattie Bow me there now.

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