The hanging gardens

As part of the recent design festival, M. Patrick Blanc (oui, il est français), who is both artist and scientist, created a vertical garden at Melbourne Central. It’s about time that Melbourne Central had some attraction other than that lame-o clock thing that seems to draw an inordinate number of Japanese tourists but nobody else. I think I expected something a little bigger than what is actually in place; as such, I was a wee bit disappointed, but a little greenery is better than no greenery (or plastic plants).

I’m not sure how long le Mur Vegetal (as M. Blanc probably calls it) will be in place, so get thee to Melb Central soonish.

Melbourne Central (large, somewhat soulless shopping centre)
Cnr Swanston and Latrobe Streets
Melbourne VIC 3000
(Melb Central station, folks)

:: Arwen ::


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