Each Peach

There seems to be no shortage of sweet, warm, slightly kitschy cafes in Melbourne’s surrounds – Arwen found one not long ago, and just this weekend I met a friend for coffee at Each Peach, a lovely place for a cuppa whose owners also have a penchant for teatowels (and children’s story books, evidently). It’s nostalgia chic, without the corniness.

The communal wooden table was bathed in afternoon light, and I sat staring wistfully at the menu – I’m definitely coming back for some of those giant home-made baked beans.

The lure of an open fireplace made us wander down the hall – it honestly feels like you’re walking through a very welcoming family’s house – but the smokiness proved too much and we headed back to the front room for a seriously good organic hot choc.

Each Peach
506 Lygon St, Brunswick East
Open Saturday to Wednesday
Review and more pics here on Words & Flavours

:: Kate ::


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  1. How coincidental is this? The Age just (as in today) posted a review of Each Peach too.


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