Postcard facade

Artist Carl Scrase shares O.W.L.’s fondness for free postcards, but has a slightly more kaleidoscopic approach than our recent show-and-tell. Perhaps this is how to make something of all those less than imaginatively designed cards advertising mobile phones? A vast improvement.

Carl Scrase – Hallucinatory Facade
(found postcards)
Image courtesy the artist

Carl was one of the artists in Next Wave’s House Proud series of exhibitions earlier this year, where each artist created a temporary installation in an art-minded volunteer’s house – a fantastic concept, albeit made somewhat less accessible by the disparate exhibition spaces. Lazy art lovers like myself were rewarded (or perhaps reprieved) last weekend at the Art Fair, with a showcase of the House Proud works. Although they undoubtedly would’ve been stunning in situ, I was glad to have seen them. As often happens, having that reprieve made me swear never to miss an exhibition again.

Carl Scrase on the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) site

Next Wave Festival: House Proud

:: Kate ::


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