Mixed Business

I’ll travel far and wide for a decent breakfast, but luckily Mixed Business is in my hood. Well, not far, anyway. Unobtrusively perched down the railway-bridge end of Queens Parade, this little cafe serves good food at good prices. It’s also a large enough space to accommodate big and little people (i.e. children) comfortably. I’ve been subjected to screaming tots at close range one too many times recently in a certain other local cafe. The decor at Mixed Business is also fantastic, with lots of great little details, like doilies, kitsch figurines, retro teatowels, a vintage highchair for those who still need to be fed and beautiful native Australian flowers in vases.

If you want more, a good review of Mixed Business can be found here, with lots of lovely photos as well.

486 Queens Parade
Clifton Hill VIC 3068
Tel: (03) 9486 1606

:: Arwen ::



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5 responses to “Mixed Business

  1. it looks super, I shall try it.

  2. Looks like my kinda place to grab a coffee, a scone, some time staring at people (yes, I’m often caught staring – I don’t mean to be rude) and daydreaming.

  3. Plus it’s right near the Merri Creek, so you can take a stroll along the banks and contemplate whatever one contemplates by the banks of the river.

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