Land of the free postcard

On my regular jaunts back to Tokyo, I like to catch up with my well-groomed, fashionable friends for coffee in Aoyama before popping into Yohji Yamamoto for the latest shapeless black jersey thing and visiting my pal Tsumori Chisato for afternoon tea.

Actually, on my all-too-infrequent trips to Tokyo I seem to spend most of my time scavenging free postcards (not in Aoyama – ain’t nothin’ free there). After my recent bitch n’ moan about the state of free postcards in Australia, I have to say that the quality is much higher in Tokyo. Could it be the fact the metropolis alone boasts the same population as the whole of Australia? Maybe we Antipodeans are yet to reach the critical mass required to produce a high standard of free postcard. My research continues.

Above and below are some free postcards I picked up in Tokyo this year in January, when I spent an inordinate amount of money buying hot canned drinks from vending machines to put in my pockets as a sort of makeshift daytime hot water bottle. Strolling the picturesque streets of Japan in very chilly weather doth not a warm tourist make.

:: Arwen ::


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  1. I love the stunned-looking amoeba writing with the novelty-sized pencil. Genius! I *heart* Japan.

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