Entrepreneurial spirit pt 2

A rather eclectic bunch, I know – but here’s a selection from my box o’ cards.

A past housemate and I once started a collection on our kitchen wall – a blu-tacked mosaic of business cards from cafes, restaurants, bars and local takeaway joints, with the intention of not only adding some colour to our bland cream walls, but providing some inspiration when faced with hunger or a catch-up with with friends.

Suffice to say that design took precedence over convenience or practicality, so we ordered more coffee and g&ts than pizza, but at least we had stylish souveniers.

:: Kate ::



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3 responses to “Entrepreneurial spirit pt 2

  1. Glad your net connection is back up and running – especially glad cos your collection (as expected) is excellent! I love the first one – whose business card is it?

  2. The pink & white arrows one? It’s from a stupendously awesome (and Melbourne-based) graphic design & visual comms studio – Studio Pip & Co.

    They have a great site too – check it out. They even have a section on business card design!

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