Entrepreneurial spirit

Every time I read the paper there seems to be an article on how to make myself more employable or improve my CV. (Handy hint #276: do not use wacky fonts for your CV, even if you think Curlz MT is really ‘cut-through’ and will make you stand out. It will. In the rejection pile.)

Already gainfully employed, I got to thinkin’ about business cards. You generally only have one if you’re already employed (except if you’re a lady of leisure who carries calling cards), but it functions the same way as a CV does. It’s effectively a personal mini-advertisement – so why are there so many hideous ones out there?

No, I haven’t morphed into a life coach or marketing guru; I confess I’m less concerned with the business aspect of business cards, and more concerned with the design side of things. Here are a few cards I’ve picked up lately in Melbourne and Sydney. Some are simpler than others, but all of them appealed to me in some way.

Sadly you don’t get the whole package online, because you can’t feel the physical card. Paper stock is pretty crucial to the whole shebang, since business cards are ultimately tactile objects, to have and to hold, to cherish and collect. Well, for some, that is.

I await Kate’s collection of business cards, and I’d love readers to email us some cards, too – good, bad, unusual or indifferent.

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “Entrepreneurial spirit

  1. I am a bit of a business card collector. I also like going to tourist centres and collecting brochures. And, yes, the paper stock IS important. Too right. I have a yucky business card. YUCKY!

  2. Hi Katie, me too – I have a yuck business card. Maybe that’s why I collect good ones. I made my way over to your blog today and it’s lovely! Happy to link you soon.

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