Taxidermy, IKEA-style

The “ethically against hunting but still fond of the taxidermied trophy aesthetic” trend is nothing new, but mounted wooden (or cardboard) animal heads seem to have reached a comfortable middle point in the market – readily available for the modestly-budgeted decorator, with options for the student and the well-salaried design-type too.

This carved wood deer head from The Curiosity Shoppe (above left) is at the top end of the market – and absolutely gorgeous, although it will remain in the US with the shopowners as they don’t ship here. And it’s US$450. GI Designs also has some lovely carved deer heads (above right), and do ship outside the US, but a similar price tag applies.

For the rest of us, there’s the cardboard or plywood option – more hobby kit than IKEA, but with the same flat-pack mentality. I’ve seen large deer heads in at least two of the design/furnishing stores around Melbourne, squirrels at Into the Woods in Northcote and every other animal, dinosaur, insect and more at a stall in the Queen Victoria markets.

Cardboard Safari animal trophies (above) – available in deer, moose and rhinoceros varieties. Small US$16, medium US$28, large US$52

Flat-pack kits at the Queen Victoria Markets – many, many different animals (and dinosaurs, and buildings, and planes), starting at around $10-12

I don’t know why I didn’t buy that owl, it’s quite great. Possibly because I was scared of the number of pieces – ages 6+ is way beyond my difficulty level. I’ve seen people paint these wooden ones, or cover the pieces with decorative paper before putting it all together… but with my known predilection for woodgrain, I like them plain – or perhaps with a rich, warm-coloured stain?

If animals aren’t your thing, keep an eye on Geneine Honey’s output through her label Love – as Arwen’s already mentioned, there are bikes to come!

:: Kate ::

Queen Victoria Markets
Corner Victoria and Swanston Streets, at the top end of the Melbourne CBD
Open Tuesdays and Thursday to Sunday.

(Stall positions vary at the market, so you’ll have to wander between the leather jackets and cheap imported clothing to find the hobby kits, but if there’s a guy yelling about his cheap bananas or it smells like fish, you’re in the wrong part.)



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4 responses to “Taxidermy, IKEA-style

  1. ooooohh – i used to love my flat-pack T-rex when i was a kid (actually, if i knew where it was, i’d still love it now…)

    that peacock looks pretty intense

  2. Simon T

    Hi Kate,

    If you ever seriously see something you want to buy on the net, but the seller doesn’t ship to Australia, will forward it to you, for a fee, of course.

    “Parcel Forwarding and Mail Forwarding – With, regardless of which country you live in, you will now be able to purchase the latest U.S. products, even if you do not have a U.S. address or credit card.”

  3. Good to know – thanks Simon! I was devastated when my on-posting friend left the US… thank goodness for savvy-minded business operators. Replacing friends worldwide.

    Bammakko (Ben?) – I was always a stegosaurus kind of girl, but I can relate. That stall has some awesome dinosaurs, some quite large. In the current climate, they’re definitely ready for a comeback.

    : k :

  4. are fab! They buy and ship globally too. check em out!

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