Behind the banana curtain

We don’t really do ‘photostories’ here at OWL, but there’s an exception to every rule. Thanks to the magic of pictures, I can show you the highlights of a weekend in Queensland without too much fuss. (Queensland, for those not familiar with terra Australis, is a state of Australia known for its subtropical climate, beaches, dangerous sea creatures and scantily clad locals. All were present and accounted for.)

Above: Broadbeach on the Gold Coast

Above: Free coffee forever at St David’s Uniting Church, Brisbane

Above: A house on high stumps in Brisbane – something you don’t see in Melbourne. Wikipedia informs me this style is often associated with the Queenslander (although this one needs a verandah to make it a proper Queenslander).

Above: Brunswick Street Mall on market day. There were a few half-decent vintage clothing stalls but not a great deal else. Go for the atmosphere, not the shopping.

Above: The Brisbane Institute of Modern Art, a small gallery space with interesting exhibitions.

Above: The Lifeline op shop, not far from the Salvos and the Red Cross op shop. Some highly amusing 80s gems were found but not bought (the sort of stuff that you momentarily entertain thoughts of buying just for novelty value/future fancy-dress parties, but ultimately can’t bring yourself to purchase).

Brunswick Street Mall market
Saturdays 10–5
Brisbane QLD

Lifeline op shop
Ann Street (near Brunswick St mall)
Brisbane QLD

Salvos/Red Cross op shops
Wickham Street (near Brunswick St mall)
Brisbane QLD

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “Behind the banana curtain

  1. I agree re the markets. Those vintage sellers. I asked one once where he got his stock. Sydney and Melbourne. Poo.

  2. And there I was thinking it was original Brisbane stock. And probably the Melbourne and Sydney sellers get all their vintage from the States. Poo too, I say.

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