Circuit @ Milly Sleeping

I’m a sucker for an exhibition opening. Promise me Pinot Noir, cheese and crackers, and I’m there. It helps, of course, if the exhibition is interesting, so I won the trifecta last night at Milly Sleeping in Carlton where Circuit was officially launched. This multi-location exhibition is loosely based on a quote by Plato, to the effect that ‘the Muses gave us the arts not for “mindless pleasure” but ‘as an aid to bringing our soul-circuit… into order and harmony with itself.’

I really like this idea, although I must admit I’m fond of a bit of mindless pleasure now and again too. (Pass on the new Mike Myers film, though – jeez, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. But Justin Timberlake in undies gets two enthusiastic thumbs up.)

The exhibition features a number of creations from local designers, such as Boy on Bike (who we blogged about not long ago) and Romance Was Born, incorporating the idea of Plato’s soul circuit (or circuits in general, as it seems). It’s also running at two other locations, Since Grey in Fitzroy and Cottage Industry, Fitzroy. Nice write-up on the exhibition here from Cottage Industry.

The gorgeous Leah, owner of Milly Sleeping and Circuit coordinator, with her somewhat disgruntled cat Ra.

Milly Sleeping
157 Elgin Street
Carlton Vic
(03) 9347 1333

:: Arwen ::


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