We Heart Bicycles

What better way to combine my love of bicycles with my love of design than with this Love bicycle? Kate and I went to the Design Made trade fair on Sunday afternoon (after hitting the Design Market, but more on that later) and spotted this prototype at the Love stand. Geneine Honey, the wonderfully named designer behind Love, let us know that this beautiful cardboard bicycle (about 1m x 1m) will soon be in production and available in stores, so stay tuned.

Five reasons why bicycles are the shiznit:

1. They keep you fit and healthy (just like Vegemite, but with less salt).
2. They don’t pump out carbon monoxide.
3. They give you crazy leg and butt muscles (like this… or maybe a little less).
4. They’re often faster than cars in traffic, and much easier to park.
5. They’re quiet and efficient, and they look great.

Above: a stand at the Design Made trade fair, Sunday 20 July 2008.

:: Arwen ::



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3 responses to “We Heart Bicycles

  1. Devon

    Us Yanks heart Bicycles too~! If you mosey on over to my other sister’s website you’ll find a nice bicycle t-shirt! http://www.alisonrose.com/default/apparel/shirts/bike-tee.html

    I know I’m a ruthless promoter, what can i say?

  2. I love shameless plugs! Especially when it’s for someone I technically/maybe/kind of know. The tee is very cute, love the totes as well.

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