1968 is the new 2008

We’ve been in the thrall of a vague 60s fashion comeback for a few seasons now, but the latest Eley Kishimoto collection seems to have been distilled from pure 60s essence, mixed with a large dose of colour. I am in love with their swing jackets, A-line skirts, mini dresses, white tights, secretary cardigans and gloves – all perfect for starring in my own version of Peter Sellers’ The Party. Now all I need is an elephant.

Pity about the models, eh? With the exception of the one above left, who is attempting a Mona Lisa-style enigmatic smile, they look like they’d rather be mudwrestling naked in Siberia than being paid squillions to walk down a catwalk.

Eley Kishimoto
Available in Australia at:

Order and Progress
Lvl 3, Curtin House
252 Swanston St Melbourne 3000
Belinda & The Corner Shop
43 Williams St
Paddington NSW 2021

:: Arwen ::



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