Three design “events” in under 45 minutes

{ Converging by Emma van Leest }

Take a deep breath and put down that espresso – it may not have come across in our last design fest post, nor is it clear when flipping through the programs, but many of the design festivals’ Pop Ups and/or Design for Everyone listings are a window display, a well-designed piece or two or an ‘intervention into public space’ that will take you no longer to admire than the time you spent yesterday having a heated internal debate over those shoes in the window.

Converging is a beautiful layered papercut (or scherenschnitte, great word) by Emma van Leest hanging in the window at Little Salon – on the corner of a laneway surrounded by grey concrete and the cool evening light, the warmth filtering through the layers was just gorgeous. This one took me a little longer to admire because a) I love it, and b) Little Salon has some kind of magical magnets embedded in the shelves which will not allow me to pass by. Don’t be put off by the picture in the program that looks like a scrap of that orange building-site safety mesh – Converging is definitely worth the (minor) detour off Elizabeth St down Little Collins.

Houseplay, by Little Wonder Design, is a five-piece set of a bottle and “glasses” made of porcelain moulded (I gather) from folded paper. It’s on display in the foyer of the Adelphi Hotel on Flinders Lane. It’s nice, but I can’t help but think two things:

  1. It would’ve been nice if the Adelphi Hotel had moved their other white ceramic vases from the table to give the display some space (Apparently the other pieces were by Little Wonder too. A poorly executed display or an ignorant viewer? You decide… )
  2. The pieces do have an air of the alchoholic’s brown paper bag about them.

There’s an interview with John Stanislav Sadar of Little Wonder (and a pic) here on the MIDF blog.

Oasis, presented by Scapesystems, is one Pop Up that is unmissable – really – I mean, yes, it’s great, but it’s also literally unmissable if you live in Melbourne and ever travel down Swanston St.

{ Oasis by Scapesystems }

Converging by Emma van Leest
At Little Salon, 353 Little Collins Street (between Elizabeth and Queen Sts) until July 24.
You can see more of Emma’s stunning work on her blog.

Houseplay by Little Wonder
At the Adelphi Hotel, 187 Flinders Lane (between Swanston and Russell Sts) until July 27

Oasis by Scapesystem
On Swanston Street near the corner of Little Bourke until July 27.

For more insight, interviews and pictures than I could possibly offer, keep an eye on the MIDF blog .

:: Kate ::



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2 responses to “Three design “events” in under 45 minutes

  1. As you noted all the ceramic pieces were part of the display. I am still learning to appreciate art in its many different forms, hopefully that process will continue. What did you think of the couch it arrived on Friday.

  2. Hi Damien,

    I popped by on Thursday after work, so didn’t see the couch. Perhaps I’ll stop by again sometime, as I obviously wasn’t very switched-on last time!

    : k :

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