Five Boroughs

The delightful Five Boroughs in East Brunswick is owned by business partners Stephanie Flemming and Kyle de Kuijer, who had been operating the screenprinting label Holly Daze for a few years and decided it would be nice to have a concept store for their work. But they stock other designers too, like Dani M, Kenji Uranishi, Small Rhino and Otto & Spike. ‘We have a specific aesthetic and criteria in mind’, say Steph and Kyle, to explain how they choose their stock. ‘We look for products that are handmade, have a reasonably low production run, or are otherwise unavailable in Melbourne. Work must be well constructed, and it’s always nice to have a story behind a product.’

Dani M ceramics at Five Boroughs, between $30 and $45 a piece.

Both Steph and Kyle have been living in East Brunswick for six years, so it seemed natural to set up shop in the neighbourhood. ‘We both grew up in central Victoria, and being in East Brunswick feels a bit like that’, Steph and Kyle explain. ‘There seems to be an equally great community feeling here, but certainly more great places for coffee though!’ (Not least El Mirage next door to Five Boroughs.)

Above: Kyle de Kuijer and Stephanie Flemming, Five Boroughs partners
Below: Small Rhino designs at Five Boroughs.

There are a lot of design stores around Melbourne these days, but Five Boroughs has something cutely retro about it that draws you in, and is significantly more affordable than some of the shiny Scando places in town. ‘We aren’t necessarily trying to be different’, say Steph and Kyle. ‘We love space, well-designed products, simplicity and we both should have been born in the 1950s, which is when we would like to live!’ Their favourite product from the store is Rewind coffee, packaged in an obvious nod to classic 50s design, which they like to drink out of a We Are Happy to Serve You ceramic cup. Non-coffee drinkers will be pleased to hear Rewind also make hot chocolate that comes in a similarly covetable container.

More shots of Five Boroughs on our Flickr page.

Five Boroughs
345 Lygon Street
East Brunswick VIC 3057
(03) 9388 1618
For opening hours check website

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