Mo-tif of the month

What’s with all the mustaches around these days? Not the bristled, food-collecting kind but screenprinted, embroidered and carved ones. It sort of crept up on me – the first rustlings I heard were from Something’s Hiding In Here way back in the day with their Mustache Envy Kit, then all of a sudden every indie-quirky shop and Etsy seller worth their salt was jumping on the ‘stachewagon. Be warned, puns are rife.


{ Key Hook by Ben Floeter, US$40 (also at The Curiosity Shoppe); STACHEonery by rhymeswithtwee, US$4; Mustachio Nut print by olerattlesnake US$40; Mustache on a Stick by Something’s Hiding In Here, US$40; Mustache Handkerchief by avrilloreti US$16 }

And it goes without saying you can get temporary tattoos, stamp sets and a ‘stache for your cat. Of course.

Note to self: In future, save all mustache-related posting for Movember, that traumatic month when normally attractive and sane men raise money for a good cause by doing bad things to their facial hair.

:: Kate ::


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