The humble cuppa

Spotted a couple of weeks ago at Birdman Eating on Gertrude Street – one very cute teapot for one, to accompany my banana bread (toasted, of course). But the plot grows thicker.

This beautiful specimen was bought for me by a very thoughtful relative who had noted my avian inclinations. And there’s still more…

This simple version of the egoïste (for that’s apparently what these teapots are called) is from T2, magical provider of all things tea-related. I spent hours in the Brunswick Street store today, sniffing different types of tea and wondering how much tea paraphernalia I could justify buying. I walked out the satisfied owner of Choc Chip Chai (sure, it’s a gimmick, but a delicious gimmick), but would’ve bought the object below if I’d had a spare $6 in my pocket.

(Available online here for those who don’t have the leisure of wasting hours in a T2 store).

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “The humble cuppa

  1. oh dear, it sounds like you and me are one of the same. My penchant for teapots, tea & other tea paraphenalia & don’t even mention birds… My teapot collection is at 16 at the moment, with various styles of cups & tea to go with. I am pleased to find that I am not alone. Thank you

  2. Jillian Hunter

    Hi Arwen, The teapot looks great, what is it like to drink from ? On the weekend I got my beautiful black Arabia teapot with a cane handle smashed by someone who will remain nameless!!!!It was 37 years old and a classic so I not happy !!!! To save further sadness I bought a stainless Avanti teapot today and am having a cup of tea as I am writing.
    I just have to remember everything is Kit Kit Kok Kok !!!!!! Take Care Jill

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