The residential boat

Kate’s going through a woodgrain phase at the moment, so this might just be the perfect house for her. While escaping my computer over the weekend, I went to Blairgowrie, a nondescript and pleasant beachside town not far from Melbourne (and not far from Rosebud – although didn’t make it to the op shops this time). It was cold and grey, and I was windswept and mysterious (or red-cheeked and boofy-haired, actually). I’ve been watching Number 9 (above and below) take shape in a little Blairgowrie street over the last year, and it’s finally finished. I think I like it. You’ll note I didn’t take any of those glossy interior shots à la Vogue Living, because that would’ve necessitated breaking in, but use your imagination, folks. I bet it’s gorgeous.

:: Arwen ::



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2 responses to “The residential boat

  1. I love it! It would be like living inside a great big paperweight.

    Further on the nautical/residential theme, I saw an architecture & design program last week* featuring Damien Hirst and his stylish wife Maia, who bought and completely re-fitted a houseboat. Her budget was hundreds of thousands of pounds, and the results were unsurprisingly impressive. Oh, to be married to a shark-preserving, skull-jewelling millionaire.

    :: K ::

    *Grand Designs Indoors, Thursdays 6:05pm on the ABC. More info here.

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