Drawing a blank

A couple of years ago I had a brilliant idea for a shop – I would stock all kinds of things, clothes, paper goods, toys, homewares, all of them blank, plain, bare, naked, ready to be adorned. Then American Apparel came along and took care of the clothes side of things, and IKEA’s got furniture pretty much covered, but there’s still so much great stuff out there waiting to be embellished that it wouldn’t be hard to fill a shop. I did a quick vox pop and based on a sample of 3 friends, Blank would be a raging success.

Unfortunately I am neither a businesswoman nor wealthy enough to cashflow a retail venture, so Blank remains a blank. For anyone out there thinking of taking over where I left off, here are some starters:

{ My Penguins £5*; Bird house kit US$3.60*; Carve Your Own Card by Suck UK £7.50*; Mini Munny $20 at Robio; Paint your own Cow Parade cow £14.95*; DIY matryoshka dolls $7.20; Wind vane by Vert Design $35 }

Note to potential investors: This could also appeal to minimalists.

:: Kate ::

*Possibly not available in Australia, which only strengthens my proposition…



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3 responses to “Drawing a blank

  1. hi, happened across O.W.L via bamakko’s blogspot. have you seen the store ‘plane’ on chapel st? a similar concept, though they mainly deal in staple clothing i think. the weather vane you’ve found is really cool. i don’t know if that’s because it’s sitting on top of the sheet it’s cut from, in a kind of diagrams and childhood plastic models vibe. none the less i like it. i got some of those blank matryoshkas myself from the toy store on lygon st. is that where you found them?

  2. Oh, thanks for the heads up Pete! I’ll check it out next time (?) I’m down Windsor way. Same concept, possibly different aesthetic, as I have no idea about US/street style and am quite enamoured with minimalist Swedish homewares.

    (For anyone interested, Three Thousand can tell you a few things about Plane here )

    I did see the blank matryoshkas a while ag0 – maybe in Poppyshop on Lygon? – and then the incredible Babushka shop in the Royal Arcade in the city reminded me (have you seen it? So. Many. Nesting Dolls). I found these ones online because I’m housebound at the moment (don’t ask).

    P.S. I agree about the construction kit thing – just like your whales (nice work!). I’m also very fond of old-school feathered arrows at the moment, like the Built by Wendy logo.

  3. Simon T

    These are not entirely blank, but they’re so minimal, it’s close. Have a look:


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