Not a knitter

I’m all for the current crafty DIY revival, I really am – and it’s working out nicely for me with all the handmade stuff I can buy in shops now. It’s just when I see something like That Little Scarf and realise it’s a pattern for sale, not the scarf, it’s like all those talented crafty people are, as one, sticking out their tongues and saying nyah. (Actually, they’re probably more likely to make me a cup of tea and offer to teach me how to knit, but it’s all the same really.)

{That Little Scarf pattern available for US$5 from Knitspot }

Knitting is not genetic – I’m proof of it, as both my grandmothers could whip up a cabled cardigan in no time, but my last attempt had more holes in it than a five-year-old’s logic and has since been stashed in that special place reserved for things I’ve made but will never wear. That Little Scarf is just not a feasible option.

Until I learn to knit, this little scarf from Frankie and Ray is rather tempting:

{ Vintage Flower Scarf by Frankie and Ray, AU$45 from Georgie Love }

.. and I’ll stick to buying handmade, which is much less traumatic for all involved.

:: Kate ::



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3 responses to “Not a knitter

  1. Spot on, I know how you feel! “Smarty pants!”, you say. You’re a little jealous but awfully happy these things are out there. You’re awed and a bit intimidated by the skill and style of the maker (or would be maker in the case of a pattern). You love it and keep coming back for more…
    Sometimes blogs can do that to you too. Get my drift, smarty pants? 😉

  2. Thanks, Maude – it’s nice to know I’m not the only slightly bitter non-knitter around!

    How about we out-source the work and commission an idle crafter to DIFU*?

    As for blogging, well, co-ordination is much less of a factor…


    *Do It For Us

  3. Oh DIFU, a great idea, a great name!!
    I should confess. I can knit. I even like it. However, I do it badly. I can only knit squares and rectangles but the holes I make are, ahem, intended.

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