A spoonful of silver

Axes have had their turn, and so have knuckle dusters and vampire teeth … perhaps now it’s time for gentler artefacts to come to the fore? This Lark wouldn’t mind. It takes a certain attitude to wear an instrument of torture around one’s neck.

{ Necklace by Georgina Baker $110 }

Georgina Baker’s vintage teaspoon jewellery is pretty, not prissy (some of the pieces have quite a heft to them), and the brooches sans flowers could work as a nice touch on a gentleman’s lapel. For me, though, it’s the necklaces – I’m inordinately fond of nice cutlery handles, and the florals add a nice colourful touch.

{ Small brooches $25, large brooches $66 }

Georigina Baker, Jewellery Maker

Available at Obus
4/289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD & 226 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

:: Kate ::


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