Now that it’s raining more than ever… *

I can’t help but notice that here in Melbourne 96% of umbrellas are black, with a further 2% various novelty designs (including classical paintings and assorted ‘ears’), 1% patterns that would be more at home on op-shop bedlinen and 0.75% various colourways of tartan. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for designs I like, so until now I’ve always taken the safe option – but as with all accessories, there comes a time when black alone just isn’t enough.

As it’s too cold and .. err.. possible showery to leave the house, my window shopping will have to be the Microsoft kind. Now, ebay is great for many things, particularly vintage wooden duck bookends (I’m still pretty happy about that win), but it’s not somewhere I’d look for shelter. I was pleasantly surprised.

{ Vintage umbrella on ebay, could use a clean, no idea how much (currently $9.99) }

{ Art Deco (?) umbrella on ebay, chihuahua not included, no idea how much (currently $10) }

I do realise the futility of posting about one-off ebay auctions, but they’re the best I’ve found online, honestly.

For the hydrophobic typophile in your life, Veer has the Pitter Patter umbrella – a bit too self-consciously hip for me, but this guy looks pretty happy. A nice manbrella, perhaps?

Have you got any suggestions? Structurally speaking, I’m a big fan of wooden handles (of course) and more than the average number of spokes. If I’m going to be carrying something that dangerous, I want it to look good.

:: Kate ::

*Not really, but you get the reference.



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2 responses to “Now that it’s raining more than ever… *

  1. Update on the umbrellas:
    Thanks for not out-bidding me, guys! I got the stripey one for $9.99 + p&h. Bargain!

    Obviously umbrellas go cheap – the other one went for its reserve price ($10) too.

    : K :

  2. Oh my gosh, I adore that pitter patter umbrella! Too clever.

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