I came, I saw, I gawked.

The Forty Thieves @ Gorker Gallery

If you haven’t heard already (from here, here or here), a new gallery’s opened in Fitzroy and they’ve got together a great bunch of artists for their first show. The gallery is Gorker, the show is 40 Thieves, the pieces are all 15×15 inches and the artists are many and varied – see here for a full list. Be ready for some familiar names like Miso, Tai Snaith, Bec Wheeler and many more.

I must be having a back-to-nature moment (year?), because my bird obsession is extending to trees and wood, and I’m having weird cravings to be surrounded by woodgrain. Creepy obliged by etching his work into a slab of lovely warm dark wood, and Miso countered with her gorgeously simple but perfect illustration of three feathers. But it was Bonsai’s Quail that stole my heart for the evening, with its simple but impeccable lines and colouring on a woodgrain background. Oh, I’m so predictable, aren’t I?

Get thee to the corner of Gore and Kerr Streets (Gor + ker, geddit?). There’s a great cross-section of artists and too many amazing, unique, detailed and desirable pieces to mention here, but it’s well worth a look because you’ll be hearing more about these guys.

Forty Thieves @ Gorker Gallery
On now until July 3

Corner of Gore and Kerr Streets, Fitzroy
10am-7pm Monday – Sunday

:: Kate ::


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