Virago delights

Just when you think it’s safe to go into the bookstore, something like these Virago modern classics hits the shelves (well, the virtual shelves). Are the covers not lovely? I admit that they do look a little like wallpaper, but very cool wallpaper that you’d buy if you could afford £50 a roll (I’m channeling Cole and Son). They’re pretty girly, though, so may not be the best present for the man in your life unless he has a penchant for Florence Broadhurst and feminist literature.

Of course they’re not available in Australia yet, but you can get them from Waterstones online, which does ship to Australia when the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter is in Mars.

:: Arwen ::


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One response to “Virago delights

  1. Simon T

    It’s never safe to go into a bookstore. I itch to buy something from this series
    every time I see it, mostly because of the cover and the typeface.

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