Botanical neckwear

Wandering through a tacky tourist market in the Rocks in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, I managed to avoid the piles of australiana and found this necklace, which is a design based on a eucalyptus leaf. If it actually resembled a eucalyptus leaf, I think I’d like it less. The fact that it sort of looks like a mini pair of lungs makes it all the more interesting. I then got to browsing on the web, as one does, to see if I could find anything similar. Not quite, but I was pleasantly diverted.

This currant necklace (as in a flowering currant, not just me misspelling ‘current’) is from Rare Device. Oh, what a magical shop that looks to be. If I ever make it to San Francisco I’ll let you know if it lives up to expectations.

Gorgeous gingko leaf plates from Sumiko on Etsy. I want! (As usual, practical thoughts like ‘What would I use them for?’ intervene in my plate fantasies. But Sumiko herself suggests some uses – jewellery holder, soap dish or spoon rest… spoon rest?).

Still on the gingko tip, here’s a lovely necklace from Victorian Bird on Etsy.

And finally, some delightful peas from Sudlow on Etsy. They are far too edible. Looking at them reminds me of the time when I was four years old and thought I was going to die. (Cue story.)

There was once a small wooden box decorated with jellybeans that lived on a shelf in my house. The jellybeans had been glazed on to the box, and in my eyes this made them even more shiny and desirable. I was obsessed with this box, so it was inevitable that one day I would try to eat the jellybeans. I managed to eat a bit of the glazing before realising that they tasted like crap. Once my misdemeanour was discovered, mum mildly freaked, given that I’d just ingested chemical lacquer. Somehow I got it into my head that I had been poisoned and was now a ticking time bomb of death. I went to bed that night convinced – convinced – I was going to die in my sleep. Perhaps my first clear memory of joy is waking up alive the next morning.

Moral of the story? Don’t eat glazed jellybeans (or metal peas) – and be careful what you say to highly impressionable kids.

:: Arwen ::



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5 responses to “Botanical neckwear

  1. Devon

    cute stuff! I love the pea necklace. Etsy is such a wonderous place.

  2. It is indeed!

    The more I look at those gingko plates the more I think I really need a spoon rest.

  3. Devon

    Well… the japanese have chopstick holders so why not spoon rests? I think it would look lovely as a soup spoon rest placed parallel at the top of the plate. What a lovely dinner party that would be. (^-^)

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  5. 03K64

    I love the eucalyptus leaf necklace! I bought earrings for a friend there. You wouldn’t happen to know the name of the jeweler by chance? Cheers!

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