Minä Perhonen

Did I mention I’m in love with Minä Perhonen? She’s not a person, she’s a Japanese fashion label, and although I probably couldn’t pull off the clothes, given that I’m not petite or Japanese, I love the fabrics that the label designs and prints. ‘Minä Perhonen’ is in fact an invented name, created by mixing the Finnish words for ‘I’ and ‘butterfly’ – ironically, this Japanese ‘fake’ Scandinavian label has since collaborated with lots of ‘real’ Scandinavian designers (Fritz Hansen, Kvadrat), with comfy-looking results.

Below are some of the fabrics that Mina Perhonen have created over the last three or four years. They pretty much fulfil the criteria for my perfect skirt material. For weeks now I’ve been searching for a patterned skirt that’s well cut, made from thick(ish) fabric and most importantly, has a unique pattern. No dice… everything I see is black, or made from fabric resembling rice paper, or so poorly made I immediately begin to visualise some sad and horrible clothing factory in China… Of course, I could stop whinging and make a skirt myself, but my previous efforts with a sewing machine have resulted in a lot of vicious Singer-beating, enraged bobbin-spooling and strange sack-like objects that did not really qualify as clothes. (But they made excellent dog blankets.)

Sadly, Minä isn’t available in Australia, as far as I know. Those passing through Tokyo should drop into:

Minä Perhonen
3F, 5-18-17 Shirokanedai
Minato-ku Tokyo
108-0071 Japan
Tel: +81 (0)3 5420 3766

:: Arwen ::



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3 responses to “Minä Perhonen

  1. whiteadbiz

    I am also into designer labels and fashion travel.I find your designs pictured here realxing,good mixture of color and print

  2. i thoroughly adore the mina perhonen fabrics/designs that i have drooled over online.
    if i could just get my hands on the fabric, i’d be very content making my own skirt. i don’t think they sell the fabrics in the US though.

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